We donate 10% each sale, so you’re supporting some worthy animal welfare causes when you purchase a Pawzzle. We give to a combination of local cat-based charities, such as the Toronto Cat Rescue (where we adopted our cat, Minou) and the Effective Altruism Animal Welfare Fund. Below we will update our list of recipients and how much we donate to them.

Our goal is to expand our giving to local charities where our customers are, so if you know of a worthy local cat cause in your area, let us know!

Please note, this list is updated manually when we make the donations at the end of each month and, as such, you won’t see these numbers go up after you make your purchase. As Pawzzles becomes more pawpular 🥴 we hope to automate this process.

Also, we just launched! So we’re hoping all you cat people like our products and that our ability to give will grow with the business.


Toronto Cat Rescue

Effective Altruism Animal Welfare Fund