To Pawzzle, first the hooman must puzzle

Watch our assembly video

Each Pawzzle is made up of 6 pieces: a top (with 9 holes), a base (no holes), and 4 walls (3 holes).

We recommend starting with the base and adding the walls. First, get all the walls on loosely. Then place on a flat surface and gently press down where the walls meet the base to secure the connections. Once the walls are up and snug, add the top. Give all the joints another gentle-but-firm squeeze to secure the connections and eliminate any visible gaps.

Let your cat observe the Pawzzle first, from a safe distance, so they can sus it out and approach cautiously to explore further. Try to avoid placing your cat near the Pawzzle or pushing it into their personal space before they’ve had a chance to decide for themselves if it’s safe. This will create a negative association and they may avoid it. Instead you can try coaxing them over with treats, catnip, or the promise of a headscratch.

To glue or not to glue
Everything should pressure fit together, eliminating the need for glue. However, if you notice the connections become loose, say after your cat swipes it off the shelf for the hundredth time, you can always fix it by adding a spot of wood glue in the joints. Leave overnight to dry before giving it back to your kitty.

Although you can take your Pawzzle apart and put it back together again, we don’t recommend doing this too often as the connections may become loose — get a hooman puzzle!